UMF meets Becca McCharen

becca in chromat

As you all know, I absolutely love Becca McCharen and her brand Chromat, so when i discover that she was in Paris (the 10 finalists of the 2015 CFDA/Vogue Fashion fund were hosting a showcase at the Espace Commines)  I jumped up and down and run to the American in Paris exposition to meet her.


When I got there she was not there  so I took a minute to check out what the other designers where showing I fell in love with Jonathan Simkhai.



When she got back, I must have scared her cause I was totally short breathed of excitement (I’m such a weirdo OMG) she nicely asked me if I needed a glass of water. thankfully after 30 seconds of being a total whack job, I regained professional consciousness. it was finally time to ask her few questions.


UMF: What made you want to create clothes in the first place? (She studied architecture)

Becca McCharen: The creative process is the same, the only difference is the that with fashion you can get a dress done in days, but it takes years to create a building.


UMF: What is your creative process?

B.M: I use pictures, mood boards, colors, buildings, art, technology and machines to inspire me then I sketch.


UMF: Is it hard to create clothes when you don’t have the fashion knowledge?

B.M: Well I am very lucky I could hire someone to help with the pattern making, and I learned a lot with time.


UMF: You talked about the celebration of strong and powerful women. What would be your message for women who struggle and are unhappy with the way they look because they are not the standard beauty.

B.M: Find what you love to do and do it. It’s not about the way I look (or what I wear), I feel happy with myself because I know what I love and I’m lucky enough to do it.


Chromat SS15 Formula 15 Runway Show - Backstage



Thank you Becca for answering my question, for being such a great inspiration and for being nice to me even tho I was a weirdo.


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