Tbt interview with Gloria and Laura Govan


For those who think that athletes wives are some stupid princesses doctor es shopping, let me tell you that some of them might be but definitely not the Govan sisters!

Funny, nice, humble, definitely blank and honest… The Govan sisters are taking over the Fashion Week. I had the chance to have a word with them during the AZ Araujo’s show (where Matt Barnes and Laura Govan were modeling).

Dahnne: What was your favorite show so far?

Gloria and Laura: Zang Toi, this show was amazing!


Dahnne: Which show are you looking forward to see?

Gloria: Czar, BCBG, Betsy Johnson.

Laura: LAMB Gwen Stefani.

Dahnne: How would you describe yourself in two words?

Gloria: Preciously stubborn.

Laura: Sexy mother.

Dahnne: What about your style?

Gloria: I have kids I always wear comfortable and appropriate clothes, so trendy and simple.


Laura: Definitely different.


Dahnne: Who is your favorite designer/brand?

Gloria: Alexander McQueen , but you need a special occasion to wear it.

Laura: Rag&Bone.

Dahnne: Who is your everyday designer?

Gloria and Laura: Target!!

Dahnne: Your look for a Basketball game?

Gloria: I wear my entire A list of designer (even some McQueen).

Laura: Sophisticated

Dahnne: Fashion faux-pas: What would you never wear?

Gloria: Lady Gaga’s shoes and socks with sandals!!



Laura: high jean short!!


Dahnne: What would you never leave your house without?

Gloria: Lip gloss,  blush, and eye-liner.

Laura: I have four kids so I never leave my house without diapers and wipes other than that lip gloss.

Dahnne: Who is your style inspiration?

Gloria: Sarah Jessica Parker and Victoria Beckham, she is classy and elegant with everything. She deserves respect for wearing 12 inches with a baby in her stomach because believe me this is not easy at all.



Laura: Gwyneth Paltrow and Heidy Klum.



Dahnne: What are your plans for the future?

Gloria: I have many project: a cookbook , a fitness DVD and a short digital film serie.

Laura: Being a MILF and continue to have sex until I am 85…

I am not going to lie, before meeting them I was very anxious to have the remake of “Dumb and Dumber” in front of me, but those women proved me wrong because they have a brain and the best is that they know how to use it.

So the only thing that I can say is that I am a HUGE fan and I am proud of it.

Good advice: keep an eye on them because they are some rising stars.



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